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Vacuum Trucks 

A complete range of Dry Suction and Wet Vacuum trucks can provide a safe and effective way to; 

  • Excavate around Underground Services 

  • Wet and Dry Material 

  • Waste Water Treatment Plant Cleaning 

  • Cleaning Pipes and Culverts 

  • Sewer Manhole Cleaning and Level Control 

  • Spills and Emergency services 

  • Robotic No Man Entry and Confined Space Entry 

Range of Sizes: 4,000ltr to 11,000ltr  

Vacuum Hose size: 100mm to 250mm Diameter 

Depth: Up to 30m depth

Length: 250m length 

Our Dry Suction Truck is very effective to remove large quantities of soil and rock. An environmental advantage is biodegradable oils and the ability to tip out and dry excavated material for re-use. 

Vacuum trucks are also equipped with high pressure and high flow water and air and hydraulics for cleaning and industrial utility equipment 

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