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Water & Waste Water

R&R McClure have extensive knowledge and experience within the Water and Waste Water industry. Our range of equipment enables us to efficiently complete work for;  

  • Water Main (NEW) - Directional Drilling, Trenching, Pipe Laying, Valves and Hydrant installation, Flow Meters.  

  • Water Main (Replacement) - Directional Drilling, Trenching, Slip Lining, Connections  

  • In Line WATER STOPS - 75mm to 250mm with By - Pass if required 

  • Sewer Main (NEW) - Excavation, Manholes and Junctions, Property Connections 

  • Sewer Main (Replacement) - Excavation, Manholes, Slip Lining, Bursting 100mm to 300mm 

  • CONFINED SPACE - Manholes, Shafts, Pits, Drains and Culverts 

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